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1012 days ago bemade moved from being just a thought in my head to a living entity that has allowed me to create awesome experiences and work with some remarkable people. Although it offers me an opportunity to release and demonstrate my talents and gifts, I remain focused on offering my clients a customized styling and event management service that meets and surpasses their expectations.
Within the past three years bemade has provided the following services:

·      Garment Embellishment 

·      Shoe embellishment

·      Garment Design and Construction

·      Garment Reconstruction and Tailoring

·      Event Staging and Management

·      Floral Arrangements

This has been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! In Spring 2016, bemade will ‘step into a new era, by making a very exciting announcement about an addition to the bemade brand!

 I am asking that you show that you believe in bemade —by investing in the future of bemade.

I’m shipping the bemade v-neck tee for each contribution of at least $35!

The bemade hoodie/or v-neck goes out to those who contribute $75 to the campaign! 

Those who contribute $100 will receive
 the  bemade hoodie and v-neck!

But it doesn’t matter the amount. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

I’m also asking my supporters to please share your belief in bemade with the hashtags #ibelieveinbemade and #bemade .

 Thank you for your continued prayers, well wishes, positive thoughts  and  believing in bemade!

Many thanks,

Sean A. Bellamy

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